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Saturday 16 February 2013

HMS Illustrious arrives in Liverpool...

What a beautiful day for photographing big ships it was! My task was to photograph the HMS Illustrious from Seacombe as she turned in the dock in front of the Liver Buildings. What I didn't know was when she was going to turn and where so I had to gamble on the best place to stand on the lengthy promenade and should I stand to the left or the right of the ferry terminal as it could block my view. Now I don't know much about ships so I had to ask the man next to me if it looked like she was turning, which she was, just not quite where I had banked! So I had to peg it further down the promenade to get the perfect angle and this is what I got as she swung round. You can see more pictures in the Liverpool Echo
captured from lots of different viewpoints!

and in black and white!

      and four days later she's off again! 

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