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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Dog Blog Update...

I thought it was time for a blog update on my dog, my Parson Russell Scampi who is now 18mts old. As is the norm for my dog, she is constantly begging for food and in all three pictures she is doing just that! The strange object in her mouth known as a Kong is brought to me on a very regular basis for filling up with chicken gravy bone biscuits.

For anyone into cameras, the pictures were shot with a Canon 50mm f1.8, at 1.8 and flash. Not bad for such a cheap lens and pin sharp on the eyes! I'm thinking of up-grading to the faster and quieter f1.4, although the f1.2L is calling me too but I'm pretty sure I'd rarely use it at the 1.2 end very often. The main plus for me is it's water-tight but whether or not that is worth the extra money, I'm not so sure. No, it's really not....the f1.4 it is! 

This is also for my good friend and former room-mate Elissa in Ottowa, the dog says 'hi'!! xx 

I nearly forgot to say, Scampi won 2nd prettiest bitch and 3rd best coat and condition at Kildale Show in Yorkshire last summer!!

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