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Monday 17 October 2016

a new blog...

I'll be making no new posts on this blog but please take a look at my brand new blog  over on my brand new look VJT Photography website and thanks for reading!


Monday 13 June 2016

A Secret Proposal at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral...

As a complete break from what I normally photograph, last week I photographed a secret proposal. You really could not have had a more romantic proposal - handsome boyfriend Boston flies in from the USA for his beautiful girlfriend Haley's birthday having pre-arranged with Liverpool Cathedral that he can reserve the chapel for his proposal, which he then arranges, with the help of her best friends, to have the aisle strewn with the petals of 100 roses and candles in the shape of a heart. Even the cathedral tour guide, Noel, was in on the secret and led them around on the pretence that they were having a normal tour. It was so secret that once he had proposed, I turned around to see Haley's entire family cheering on the balcony behind me and even I didn't know they were there. Instead of a ring, Haley received a gorgeous Cartier silver watch - congratulations Haley and Boston xx

Friday 15 April 2016

James and Alison's Portrait Session in Sefton Park...

I've met lots of lovely people during my time as a photographer but James and Alison were two of the loveliest. They had been bought a portrait session as a gift from their sons and so we met up on one day in March in Sefton Park. It was a typically wintery day but the light was surprisingly beautiful and, teamed with a great choice of outfits by the couple, we came away with some great photos.

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Winter Family Portrait Session in Scarborough...

This was a lovely session for the birthday of a childhood friend, and her husband, who moved schools when we were aged about 7 so a fair amount of reminiscing was done in between taking the pictures as we haven't seen each other properly since. It was so nice to shoot in my hometown too and the Open Air Theatre made a colourful backdrop on a winter's day. 

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Feeding the Squirrels in Birkenhead Park...

Just before Christmas I had a lovely family photo session with the Rana family in Birkenhead Park and a few squirrels who were quite happy to be fed while I snapped away. It was a nice note to end on before my holidays.


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