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Monday 9 August 2010


Thank you for visiting the VJT Photography news page. My name is Victoria Tetley and I am a professional photographer specialising in children's portraits, pets, editorial/PR and commercial photography across Liverpool, Chester and the North West. To see my latest work please refresh this page by clicking here and to learn more about my work, please click on any of the tabs above to view my main website. I hope you enjoy what you see!    


I've been taking photographs professionally since 2001 and before that I was a very keen amateur, reading every book and magazine on the subject. I enrolled on a photography college course in 2000 and after a few months landed my dream job on The Chester Chronicle in early 2001, and continued to juggle my day job and my course for several years. Every day was a joy (except Saturday's where it was mainly football) and I had a great eight years and worked alongside some wonderful photographers. However, I'm one for a challenge, hence I decided to leave and set up on my own. Well, it's going better than I could have hoped so here's to the future!
I'd like to say a big thank you to my little friend (above) who agreed to star on the front of my home page. She had great fun during our photo session trying out all my props, hats  and accessories and at one point, I turned round and she had the whole lot on. Unfortunately, I had to remove a few items, as she wasn't colour co-ordinated......these things come with time!


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