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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!...

Happy New Year to everyone and to all who I've worked with this year and previous years! Here's to 2014. The dog wanted me to post this selfie she took earlier. x

Friday 20 December 2013

The Spaghetti Monster...

I have just pulled out some really cute pictures of my nephew Edward from August when he came to visit. Not sure why I didn't post them at the time but it's never too late. He doesn't normally eat spaghetti for lunch - it's an idea I borrowed from the Messy Play class he goes to - and messy it was!

Saturday 14 December 2013

Don't Forget the Animals at Christmas...

I just wanted to write a little post about all the very photogenic animals I met the other day at the Fir Tree Animal Sanctuary in Liverpool who are in desperate need of donations to their Carla Lane Animals in Need charity. Donations of food or money will help feed all the animals over Christmas, including Noel the Border Collie puppy, Molly the sheep, Andy the cat, all the chickens and turkeys and all the other animals not pictured! Details of how to donate can be found on their website at the bottom of the page. 


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