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Wednesday 30 March 2011

American Road Trip...

Memories, memories.....I've just un-earthed a pile of pictures I took on two American road trips (well, camping trips really) in 2003 and 2004 when I was young and carefree!  I saved all year for those trips and for both I managed to get a whole three weeks off work!!! Despite using a digital camera for work, I took along my EOS 300 film camera, which is the camera I learned on (I've given up with it now as I can't get decent prints from it anymore at high street chains which is a shame). Anyway, the pictures you see have been scanned from the originals but to achieve the deep blue skies I used a circular polarizer filter which I stuck to the end of my lens and turned around to achieve the deepest blue (works best on blue skies with white clouds present).  

From top are: BB King's Blues Club, Memphis and Bodie ghost town, California; Las Vegas, Nevada;  Seligman, route 66, Arizona; San Francisco street; Death Valley, Nevada; Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco and Grand Canyon; me.

Thursday 24 March 2011

What are the chances?...

 I had a great time down at Aintree Racecourse on Saturday photographing Sue Podesta and Erin O'Neill who between them scooped £21,500 on an accumulator at Ladies Day last year, despite confessing to not even knowing what an accumulator was! In honour of the girls winning in such style, they were invited back to take part in a mini fashion-shoot, courtesy of Matalan, who are sponsoring the Matalan Style Contest this year. All the clothes are by Matalan but the hats are by Liverpool milliner Hayley Marsden, X factor finalist Rebecca Ferguson's favoured hat designer!

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Sophie and Winston....

Last week I went to photograph Liverpool University veterinary science student Sophie Redfern with her sister's gorgeous Shar Pei puppy Winston. Sophie has already completed an undergraduate degree in medicinal chemistry but was so determined to follow her dream of becoming a vet that she has committed herself to a five year second degree in veterinary science, costing a staggering £94,500! Pet food company Wagg have agreed to sponsor Sophie a sum of money annually and Sophie has also been working to help cover the fees, as well as taking part in various sponsored events. Sophie has not yet reached her fundraising target for her tuition fees. If you would like to help Sophie, please contact her at s.Redfern@student.liverpool.ac.uk


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