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Wednesday 30 March 2011

American Road Trip...

Memories, memories.....I've just un-earthed a pile of pictures I took on two American road trips (well, camping trips really) in 2003 and 2004 when I was young and carefree!  I saved all year for those trips and for both I managed to get a whole three weeks off work!!! Despite using a digital camera for work, I took along my EOS 300 film camera, which is the camera I learned on (I've given up with it now as I can't get decent prints from it anymore at high street chains which is a shame). Anyway, the pictures you see have been scanned from the originals but to achieve the deep blue skies I used a circular polarizer filter which I stuck to the end of my lens and turned around to achieve the deepest blue (works best on blue skies with white clouds present).  

From top are: BB King's Blues Club, Memphis and Bodie ghost town, California; Las Vegas, Nevada;  Seligman, route 66, Arizona; San Francisco street; Death Valley, Nevada; Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco and Grand Canyon; me.

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